All is Well is: Erik Rice / Hannah Van Slett / Nick Van Slett / Nate Krikke / Nathan Coles

All is Well is: Erik Rice / Hannah Van Slett / Nick Van Slett / Nate Krikke / Nathan Coles


All is Well is a post rock band based out of West Michigan whose music features layered melodies, blended with progressive elements that embrace honest lyrical reflections.  

For fans of: Foxing, From Indian Lakes, Explosions in the Sky.

All is Well's presence within the Grand Rapids scene has grown exponentially with non-stop touring and performing since the release of our debut EP, Nocturnes.  The signature blend of indie, post-rock, and alternative has brought the band throughout the Midwest; from bars to basements to renowned performance halls.  In 2016, All is Well received 4 nominations for WYCE's Jammie awards, and were finalists for Best Album by a New Artist and Best Rock or Pop Album.

 All is Well has had the opportunity to perform alongside artists such as:

Little Tybee, TTNG, Carb on Carb (NZ), Prawn, Slingshot Dakota, Twin Peaks, PUP, The Flatliners, Ratboys, Tancred, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Vagabonds, Shortly, Us and Only Us, People Like You, Shapes & Colors, and Michigander.

All is Well has also played several music festivals including: Bled Fest, Take Hold Fest, LIV-FREE Fest, Excellency Music Festival, WoStock, and performed as the headlining act for Hope College’s WyStock Music Festival.



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"...a powerful amalgamation of keyboards and guitars. Profoundly melodic and rhythmically moving. You feel like you’re listening to a musical jigsaw puzzle of a sunrise.”
                - Aaron Nicholas of Trouper