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 All is Well is: Hannah Van Slett / Erik Rice / Nate Krikke / Nathan Coles / Nick Van Slett

All is Well is: Hannah Van Slett / Erik Rice / Nate Krikke / Nathan Coles / Nick Van Slett


All is Well is a post rock band based out of West Michigan whose music features layered melodies, blended with progressive elements that embrace honest lyrical reflections.  


After a successful 104% Indigegogo campaign, I Swear Someday was released and only made possible by the support of our backers, friends, and families.  We are truly thankful and moved by your support.  Written over 2 years, I Swear Someday reflects upon specific moments of transition in each of our lives—from the death of close family members to self-doubt in trying to fulfill lifelong goals. Our first full-length album, I Swear Someday, weaves these shared experiences by juxtaposing the reflections of yesterday with a renewed vision for tomorrow.

Released August 19th, 2017.


In 2016, All is Well's breakout EP, Nocturnes, received 4 nominations for WYCE's Jammie Awards, and was a finalist for Best Album by a New Artist and Best Rock or Pop Album.  The song "Nowhere to Go" was featured on Urban Geographer's Michigan Artist Vinyl Compilation Volume 2. 

Released June 3, 2015

Notable acts we've performed with:

Little Tybee, TTNG (UK), Carb on Carb (NZ), Michigander, Prawn, Slingshot Dakota, People Like You, Us and Only Us, Narrow/Arrow

Festivals we've performed at:

BLED FEST, Virginia Avenue Music Fest, Fusion Shows Birthday Bash, GVSU's Whale Fest, Hope College's WyStock Festival, Hope College's Spring Fling, Excellency Music Fest, LIV-FREE Fest, WoStock, and Sorrow Fest